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Tavio Hobson


Effective communication skills are an essential to any industry. Being able to speak, write, and relay your message well is extremely important to be able to reach your target audience. Specifically in the real estate development industry, having good communication skills can make or break success.

Conveying Your Ideas

Real estate development involves many different moving parts. To stay organized, on schedule, and on budget is key. Having great communication skills is the only way to keep all of these thing on track. In order to have a great finished product, you need to be able to tell explain your project vision to all of the appropriate people like construction workers, contractors, buyers, and investors.

Open Line of Communication

Possessing good communication skills encourages others to be comfortable having conversations with you. In the real estate development business this is extremely important because project deadlines need to be met and appointments need to be scheduled so communication needs to constantly happening if there are any updates to a project. People will become more invested in the project and want to work harder for you if they feel as sense of teamwork and unity with you. In addition, having open lines of communication allow the people that work for you or that you are working for to feel comfortable coming to you as well as trusting you.

Developing Good Relationships

Forming good relationships in the real estate development industry is extremely important. Having good relationships with contractors, investors, sellers, real estate agents, and buyers all come from having excellent communication skills. Also, after a project is finished, staying in touch is another important thing because you never know when you’ll need someone’s help or recommendation in the industry. Also, other real estate agents and buyers often have inside information when great properties or opportunities are going to be available. Good communication skills help you form these relationships as well as keep them.

Good communication skills help you in any career path that you are in. Specifically in real estate development, good communication skills are necessary to stay on track with a project, form good relationships, and make sure your ideas are conveyed so your project can be successful.